Ferrari quarterly profit down 19%

The Italian car manufacturer Ferrari, specialized in the production of sports and racing cars, ended October-December of the former year with a net profit of 214 million euros. Relative to the same term of the previous year, the indicator decreased by 19%, which was due to an increase in the charge of research and development work. At the same time, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and accrued amortization EBITDA showed an annual increase, reaching 398 million euros against 372 million euros in the fourth quarter a year previously. In the reporting period, revenue was recorded at 1.17 billion euros. The figure was 10% higher than the previous year’s revenue. During these three months, Ferrari delivered 2,949 thousand cars. In twelve months, their number increased by 10%. According to published financials for the full year 2021, net profit rose to 833 million euros from 534 million euros in the previous year. Revenue for the twelve months increased by 23%, amounting to 4.271 billion euros. Currently, the capitalization of Ferrari is 50.2 billion euros. It has grown by 26% in a year.


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