US FRS may raise rates by 50 basis points

John Williams, who holds the post of head of the New York Fed, said that at the next meeting of the FOMC, a decision could be made to raise the rate by 50 bp. At the same time, he said that Central Banks worldwide, when making decisions to change their policies, should consider their possible impact on other countries. This also applies to the US Federal Reserve. According to John Williams, the global economy is currently under pressure from three factors: the pandemic, high inflation and the military operation in Ukraine. The Fed must make decisions based on their impact on the US economy. As a result of the last FOMC meeting, the Fed rate was raised by 25 bp. At the same time, the regulator allowed six more rate increases by the end of this year. Jerome Powell assured that the Central Bank would do everything necessary to stop the growth of inflation. Some experts expressed confidence that a decision will be made at the May meeting of the Open Market Committee to raise the rate by 50 basis points.


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