Gazprom’s exports fell by 41% in January

The Russian energy company Gazprom reported a substantial decline in the capacity of exportable natural gas in January. According to published reports, the decline is due to the rate for “blue” fuel that has risen to a record level of more than 1,000 dollars per thousand CBM. The Russian supplier exported 11.4 ln CBM of natural gas to non-CIS countries. Compared to the same term of the past year, the indicator fell by 41.3%. At the same time, its January deliveries to some countries showed an annual increment. The volume of export to Bulgaria expanded by 20.6%. The total of gas supplied to Bosnia and Herzegovina has risen by 12.9% compared to the term of a year earlier. Procurements to China by the Power of Siberia lines also increased. Equally, Gazprom’s productivity rose by 1% in January this year totally to 47.4 bln CBM.


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