General Electric ended 2021 with a loss of $6.757 billion

The American manufacturer of various types of equipment General Electric finished the previous year with a net loss of $6.757 billion, while in 2020 a net gain of $5.23 bln. was recorded. The loss rate share was marked at $3.25. In the announcement term, the corporation received $74.196 bln. in revenue. Its volume over the past twelve months has decreased by 2%. A report published over the last three months of 2021 points to a quarterly loss of $3.9 billion, while October-December a year earlier was completed by an American corporation with a net profit of $2.442 billion. The quarterly loss per share was recorded at $3.24. A year previously, it posted income per share of $2.05. At the close of the last three months of last year, revenue amounted to $20.303 billion, which is 3% lower than in the identical term of the previous year. The prognosis of economists assumed the figure at the level of $21.34 billion.


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