German auto industry sales fell by 10% in 2021

The results of 2021 for the German automotive industry have fallen into decay in more than 30 years. Sales fell 10% over the year observed. 2 million 620 thousand cars were sold in a total. Export deliveries are also registered. The main reason for the situation in the German automobile industry was a problem with the components supply, including semiconductors. Experts believe that German automakers have gone from supply disruptions more than other countries. However, BMW did not manage to achieve good results in the conditions. The auto concern sold 2.2 million cars on the world market and took a profitable share among car manufacturers, moving to the premium class. Observers also note that in 2021, there was a sharp increase in sales of seized vehicles, which led rising in price. In this regard, some automakers expect profits from the sale of cars that were returned after the completion of leasing contracts for the increase.


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