German business is optimistic about the outlook for 2022

The Institute, which study the German economy, conducted research. Its results demonstrate that the country’s business is positive about 2022. The epidemiological situation’s potential deterioration, as well as the persistence of issues in the supply sector, did not become the basis for the deterioration of prognosis. According to the head of the institute, Michael Hüter, the survey participants expressed belief in the situation normalization. The German business expects commodity financial performance in 2022 as orders continue to rise. A recession is not expected in any sphere of the economy. At the same time, DIHK experts deem that in 2022 the risks will continue to be significant. During the two years of the crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s production has lost approximately 400 billion euros. It is unlikely that Germany will be able to recompense for these losses in 2022. The experts of the association allow that the country’s economy will be in stagnation.


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