German economy Consumers’ confidence slightly increased in February

The review results, which were conducted by GfK in Germany, showed a consumer sentiment slight improvement. The index, which characterizes the degree of the country resident’s confidence in the economy in February, rose to minus 6.7 points. A month earlier, this amount was minus 6.9 points. Experts believed that the February index would show a decline to minus 7.8 points. All sub-indices showed a positive trend. Thus, the assessment of present expectations in the economy rose by 5.7 points to 22.8 points. Most review participants will expect wage increases in the near future. The corresponding sub-index rose 10 points from the previous month to 16.9 points. The German consumers’ willingness to make large purchases also increased. The sub-index that evaluates it rose 4.4 points to 5.2 points. The GfK review says that the country’s residents are generally confident, even despite the pandemic and rising inflation.


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