Global companies’ fears about high inflation have intensified

The Organization Conference Board conducted a review among the leaders of large companies. Nearly 900 people took part in it. Most of the respondents expressed their worry in connection with rising inflation. About half of them believe that this situation will continue in 2022. The damaging press of rising inflation on the mood in large companies was observed last year, even despite the optimistic mood of the Fed. Its representatives were convinced that the higher rate of growth in consumer costs would be short-lived, and inflation would begin to decline in the coming months. Data from the US Department of Labor, published this week, increased the fears of companies. The agency reported that in December inflation in the country reached 7%, which is 0.2 percentage points higher than the November level of the indicator. The review participants named the primary hazards that could cause damaging consequences in the current year. First of all, it is a labor shortage and high inflation. They also noted the persistence of concerns in the field of supply and uncertainty regarding the epidemiological situation.


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