Gold prices decline amid rising US Treasury yields

Trading on Monday on the Comex stock exchange began with a slight decline in the gold value. So, as of 8 hours 24 minutes Moscow time, a troy ounce of this metal has fallen in price by 80 cents or 0.05% to $1,783 5 cents. Silver falls in value too. The cost of an ounce fell to $22 47.7 cents or 0.02% by this time. The main factor pressed on the quotes of these metals was the increase in the US Treasury yield bonds with 10 years maturity. It climbed to 1.38%. The yield on US Treasuries was 1.341% at the close of the previous trading day. In this regard, the interest in American securities on the part of investors has grown, while the demand for gold has decreased. Another unfavorable factor for the precious metals market was the American currency strengthening. The dollar index rose to the level of 96.31 points, which is 0.2% higher than its value at the previous trading close.


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