The price of gold is declining amid rising risk sentiment

Data from the Comex exchange indicate a decline in the price of gold. By 7.54 Moscow time, its troy ounce fell by $3.20, or 0.16%. It was trading at a price of 1985 dollars. At the same time, silver continued to rise in price. Its price rose to 25 dollars 87 cents or 0.21%. On the eve of the cost of a troy ounce of gold fell by 2.7%. Investors began to gradually return to risky assets. This confirms the situation that is observed in the stock markets. Indices in the markets in Asia, Europe and the US are growing. Nevertheless, experts note the persistence of concerns about high inflation. Consumer prices are likely to continue rising as energy costs remain high. Gold has always been used by investors to protect their funds during periods of difficult geopolitical conditions, as well as at high rates of consumer price growth. In this regard, experts predict an increase in demand for the precious metal against the backdrop of continued risks.


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