Great Wall Motor increased revenue by 32% in 2021

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has released its 2021 report. According to it, last year net profit was 6.73 billion yuan, up 25.6% from a year ago. In the reporting period, revenue was recorded at 136.4 billion yuan. In twelve months, its volume increased by 32%. The company last year sold cars at an average price of 100.6 thousand yuan. It has grown by 15% in a year. In total, 1.28 million vehicles produced by the Chinese automaker were sold. Compared to 2020, their number increased by 15.2%. Haval models were sold 750.23 thousand. According to the company’s plans to create more environmentally friendly machines, it will invest about 100 billion yuan in research and development by 2025. Last year, this investment amounted to 9.07 billion yuan. The market value of Great Wall Motor has fallen by 50% over the past three months.


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