Halliburton made a profit in 2021 against a loss a year earlier

The American company Halliburton, which provides services to the gas and oil industry, reported a net profit of $1.469 billion in 2021, while it ended the previous year with a loss of $2.942 billion. Earnings per share were famed at $1, 63. In 2020, the company reported a loss of $3.34 per share. Annual revenue for the twelve months increased by 5%, reaching $15.295 billion. Halliburton also reported its results for the 4Q. According to these data, it recorded a net profit of $827 million. At the same time, in October-December 2020, it showed a loss of $227 million. Quarterly earnings of 92 cents per share were posted against a loss of 27 cents for the same period the previous year. Quarterly revenue showed a significant rise of 32%, amounting to $4.277 billion at the end of the reporting period. In Monday’s preliminary trading, Halliburton shares rose in price by 1.42%.


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