Hyundai Motors net profit tripled in 2021

The South Korean automaker introduced a report indicating the productive accomplishment of 2021. The amount of net profit increased in comparison with the previous year almost three times. It reached 5.7 trillion won, or $4.8 billion. Revenue increased by 13% to 117.6 trillion won, or $98.7 billion. The automaker’s operating profit for the reporting year was 6.7 trillion won, or $5.6 billion, which is 2.8 times more than the figure recorded in 2020. In the 4Q of last year, the financial achievement of Hyundai Motor also showed a positive trend. The amount of net profit increased in annual terms by 1.7 times. It amounted to 701 billion won or 588 million dollars. The company’s quarterly revenue reached 31 trillion won, or $26 billion, up 6.1% from a year ago. Operating income jumped nearly 22% to 1.5 trillion won, or $1.3 billion. Automaker shares at auction on Tuesday fell by 1.5%.


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