Hyundai Steel announced the first ship voyage of the bulk carrier on LNG

Powered by liquefied natural gas, bulk carrier was sent for his first voyage to transport iron ore by the South Korean steel manufacturer Hyundai Steel. This information was published in the media. The use of LNG by a specialized vessel, located in two tanks with a volume of 1.6 thousand cubic meters each, contributes to minimize CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Australia – South Korea are the main routes for the gall carriage by this vessel. According to this message, it will deliver 2 million tons of iron ore per year. Another LNG-powered vessel will appear in Hyundai Steel’s arsenal next March. In this way, the company intends to replace two cargo tankers with bulk carriers using LNG. The Indian steel company Tata Steel, in a company with the Japanese transport firm Mitsui OSK Lines and the Hungarian oil company MOL, will develop and use a balcony with a low greenhouse gas emissions.


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