In 2022, the energy system and independence of Lithuania will be strengthened

According to the operator of the Lithuanian gas transmission system Amber Grid, the GIPL pipeline construction with Poland on the Lithuanian territory was basically completed last year. After the agreement signed by the operators of Lithuania and Poland at the end of 2021, preparations for its operation began. The pipeline, which began construction in 2020, is expected to be launched in the middle of this year. Its length exceeds 500 kilometers, and the cost was 500 million euros. More than 60% of its cost is financed by the European Union. The commissioning of the gas pipeline will be a very important event for the Lithuanian energy sector, as it will reduce its dependence on third countries. The possible reduction issue in gas tariffs is currently being discussed in Poland and Lithuania. In the first stage, it can be a discount on connection, in the future, it will be possible to talk about a common price zone for the two countries and a common market. This was stated by the Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivis. For Poland, this project launch is also extremely significant, since this year the contract with the Russian Gazprom is officially ending, and the Polish authorities are not planning to extend it. It is expected that up to 1.9 billion cubic meters of gas will be supplied to Poland through the GIPL pipeline.


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