Sales of new cars in the EU fell by 6% in January

ACEA reported that 682,596 cars were sold in January. The indicator fell year on year by 6%. The decline in the new car sales in the European market has already become a steady trend. They have been falling for 7 consecutive months. The main reason for the negative dynamics was the long-term problems associated with the supply of microcircuits. Greece became the leader in terms of the rate of car sales decline in January. The sold cars volume in the country decreased by almost 29% year on year. In Italy and France, sales decreased by 19.7% and 18.6%, respectively. In some EU countries, there was a positive trend in the indicator. For example, in Germany, the new cars sales increased in January by 8.5%, in Spain – by 1%. Among automakers, Volvo and Nissan showed the worst statistics. Their sales fell over 22%. At the same time, sales of Hyundai and Toyota jumped by 28.7% and 9.7%, respectively.


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