Producer prices in Ukraine increased by 70% in January

According to official statistics, in January, wholesale prices for goods manufactured by industrial enterprises of Ukraine increased by 69.1% compared to the equal month last year. In December, annual inflation was 62.2%. In the national market, prices of industrial producers increased by 85.4%, while in foreign markets their increase was 21.3%. The mining industry increased the production cost by 48% in twelve months. In Ukraine, such goods have risen in price by 90.03%, while export prices for them have fallen by 31.3%. The largest annual increase in prices was demonstrated by coal mining, where they augmented by 142.5%. Prices in the processing industry increased by 25.9% over the year. Food, drinks, and tobacco products increased in cost by 15.7%. In the field of oil refining, the increase in prices amounted to 98.1%. The production of metallurgical enterprises grew by 35.5% over the year. Sharp annual growth of 3.4 times, or 240.2%, was noted in the supply of electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning.


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