Passenger car trading in the EU fell by 20.5% in November

According to information published by ACEA, 713.3 thousand passenger cars were sold in the EU in November, which is 20.5% less than a year previously. Germany and Italy became the leaders in terms of declining rates of sales. Sales of cars in these countries reduced in November by 31.7% and 24.6%, respectively. For 11 months of this year, 8 million 905 thousand cars were sold in the EU, which is only 0.04% lower than the sales quantity in January-November of the prior year. The number of cars sold in Germany decreased by 8.1% during this term. At the identical period, sales in Italy and France increased by 8.6% and 2.5%. For 11 months of this year, sales of Stellantis vehicles showed an increase of 0.4%. The Volkswagen carmaker indicated a 1.6% drop in trading. The Renault group of companies reported a decrease in the quantity of vehicles sold by 9.9%. At the end of last month, sales of new Stellantis and Volkswagen cars drop by 23.5% and 33.7%, respectively. The quantity of Renault vehicles sold decreased by 12.9%.


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