In the third quarter Eurozone economy grows 3.9%

Eurostat released the final data on the Eurozone economic growth in the 3rd quarter. They differ from the previous assessment for the better. According to the published statistics, GDP grew in annual terms by 3.9%. It increased by 2.2% in relation to the 2nd quarter. Analysts interviewed assumed that Eurostat would not change the preliminary data. They testified to the growth of the Eurozone economy by 3.7% compared to the 3rd quarter of 2020 and by 2.2% on a quarterly basis. According to the third assessment of the dynamics of GDP of the European Union countries, the economy grew by 4.1% in the past quarter on an annualized basis. It increased by 2.1% compared to April-June. These results are better than the previous estimate by Eurostat. The published statistics confirm the recovery of the European economy. It has been growing for two quarters in a row. Last year, the GDP of the European Union and the Eurozone fell by more than 6%.


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