In the US, women’s wage growth exceeds that of men

According to an analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, in the US, women’s wages have outpaced men’s for the past six consecutive months. Their size for women increased in February by 4.4% in annual terms. At the same time, wages for men increased by 4.1% over the year. The biggest 0.5% gap for men was in December last year. Experts call this trend positive since at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, women were more likely to be unemployed than men. In most cases, there was also a reduction in their wages. The shortage of employees in the catering sector after the resumption of work due to the easing of quarantine restrictions last year began to be covered by increasing the wages of women, who make up the bulk of the staff of such enterprises. 30% higher than men last year were payments to women who changed jobs during the pandemic. The proportion of such women was 31% versus 28% of men receiving the compensation package.


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