Indonesia’s economic growth will accelerate in 2022 to 4.8%

Financial Corporation Standard Chartered has analyzed the circumstances in the Indonesian economy. Its results showed that the country’s gross national product may grow by 4.8% this year. Indonesia is seeing a rebound in domestic demand, and this trend will continue in the near term. In addition, analysts at Standard Chartered expect an increase in investment. The capital expenditure cycle is gradually recovering. Indonesian Metallurgical companies are increasing production amounts. Large infrastructure projects are being performed in the country. Analysts at Standard Chartered believe that inflation in Indonesia will peak at 3.5% in the 3Q of this year. Then it will begin to decline. Indonesia’s central bank is likely to raise concern rates in the third quarter as well. However, it is possible that the determination to raise the groundwork rate will be made previously. In this case, the growth of the Indonesian rupee exchange rate will be limited.


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