French consumer price growth accelerated to 4.5%

In France, the upward trend in inflation continues. In March, it accelerated to 4.5% year on year. A month earlier, prices showed an increase of 3.6%. To the previous month, March inflation in the country reached 1.4%. Both indicators exceeded the levels predicted by analysts. They expected price growth in March by 4.3% and 1.3% respectively. The statistical office of the country explained that the main reason for the acceleration of inflation was the increase in the cost of energy. The increase in the price of food products also contributed. Food prices jumped 2.8% from their value a year earlier. Goods of industrial enterprises rose in price by 2.2%. Services became more expensive for the French by 2.3%. The Statistical Office of the country announced a gradual recovery in consumer spending. In February, they showed an increase of 0.8% after falling by 2% in January. Residents of the country began to spend more money on the purchase of manufactured goods. Spending in this category rose 2.2% in February.


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