European and US central banks are in the spotlight this week

The current week began calmly. However, the situation on the markets may change in the coming days. Investors are waiting for the meetings’ results of the world’s largest central banks. Experts expect the Federal Reserve will announce a more aggressive reduction in the program of asset repurchase as the result of the meeting. The US Federal Reserve may announce a rate hike earlier than expected. As for the ECB meeting, the experts do not expect any significant decisions from it. Most likely, the bank will once again declare the high inflation temporary nature and express confidence in its decline in 2022. The ECB can give recommendations on the implementation of the asset repurchase program next year. Its volume can be increased. Also this week a regular meeting of the Bank of England will take place. Experts wait for the annunciation of a rate hike. Stock markets have not yet reacted in any way to the likely tightening of the US Federal Reserve’s policy. Investors are also paying attention to the decisions and comments from the Central Bank of China. Several days ago, he opposed the national currency strengthening.


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