Ryanair Holdings downgraded its forecast for an annual loss

Ireland-based low-cost airline Ryanair Holdings reported expectations regarding the number of its losses for the fiscal year to the end of March worsened. Its new prognosis assumes this figure in the variety from 250 to 400 million euros against the beforehand predicted 100-200 million euros. The company’s message emphasizes the sustained danger of the damaging influence of the appearance of new strains of coronavirus. The aircraft carrier expects its traffic current month to be punched hard by UK quarantine limitation, including the interruption of British travel to France and Germany. According to him, the passengers’ amount transported by airliners will be reduced to 9-9. 5 million, while earlier it was supposed that it would be 10-11 million. Taking into account the prevalent disadvantageous circumstances, the airline also worsened the amount of traffic in the first month of next year – from 10 to 6-7 million people.


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