Unemployment in Japan rose to 2.8% in November

The official estimate of unemployment in Japan proved its increment in November by 0.1 percentage points to 2.8%. Experts predict that the index will remain at the October standard of 2.7%. The entire number of the country’s unemployed population decreased on an annualized basis by 130 thousand people or 6.7%. It amounted to 1 million 820 thousand people. The unemployed segment of the Japanese population of all ages enhanced in November by 230 thousand people or 0.6% in relation to the indicator in November 2020 to 41 million 880 thousand rubles/human. The proportion between the amount of vacant positions and applicants in November is 1.15. At the same time, analysts had expected the figure to be 1.16. Information on the dynamics of commercial production in Japan was also released today. In November, its volume increased by 7.2% on a monthly basis, while the prognosis for increment by 4.8%. Compared to November last year, Japanese industrial production evolved by 5.4%. Analysts had a prognosis a 5% decline.


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