Japanese Tankan Index unchanged in Q4

Bank of Japan data released on Monday showed no change in the confidence level from large companies in the Japanese economy. The Tankan index was 18 points in the fourth quarter. The same value of this indicator was recorded a quarter earlier. Experts predicted the index growth to the level of 19 points. The Tankan value of 18 points is the maximum over a 3-year period. The positive indicator value indicates the optimistic sentiments’ predominance in large Japanese businesses. The index dynamics lack is associated with continued concerns about the supply sector problems. Companies are also concerned about rising commodity prices. Japanese businesses cut their forecast for growth in capex for the current fiscal year by 0.8 percentage points to 9.3%. More than 10,000 companies took part in the survey conducted by the country’s Central Bank. The Bank of Japan always closely monitors the Tankan Index value, as it allows assessing the situation in the country’s economy.


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