Japan’s exports rose 20.5% in November

The Japanese export growth rate accelerated in November to 20.5% in annual terms. A month earlier, its capacity increased by 9.4%. Nevertheless, the November figure turned out to be worse than analysts’ prognosis. They expected exports to grow by 21.2%. The significant increase in export supplies is due to some improvement in the supply circumstance. In addition, in November, there was an increase in demand for the Japanese manufacturers’ products on the holiday season eve. Shipments to Taiwan and South Korea jumped 35.5% and 32.9%, and shipments to the United States and China jumped 10% and 16%, respectively. Imports to Japan rose 43.8% last month compared to November 2020. Analysts surveyed predicted a 40% boost in this indicator. The volume of Taiwan deliveries increased by 51.6%, from the USA and South Korea – by 43% and 32.5%, respectively. The commodities volume purchased from China increased by 17.2%. Japan’s foreign trade deficit peaked since last January. It amounted to 954.8 billion yen in November.


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