Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham predicted the global economic downfall

Investor Jeremy Grantham, well-known not only in the UK but throughout the globe, gave a discouraging prognosis for the international economy. In a discourse with a Bloomberg agency representative, he said that the world needs to prepare for serious anxiety. General economic growth will slow down, inflation will continue to rise. There will be a lack in the labor market. Jeremy Grantham also noted that the reserves of inexpensive oil and industrial metals are already almost depleted. In addition, climate change will be accompanied by natural disasters, which will harm world agriculture. There is also a concern with the population working-age. In the post-war years, there was a boom in the birth rate in the world. But this generation has almost completely retired. Jeremy Grantham enjoys authority in the financial world. Previously, he repeatedly identified “bubbles” in the stock market and predicted a global crisis. Nevertheless, some experts consider Jeremy Grantham to be overly pessimistic in assessing the stock markets and the state of the global economy.


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