Jeremy Siegel predicts Nasdaq 100 index to fall by 20%

Well-known US finance professor Jeremy Siegel said that the US stock market has a difficult path to go. The fall of indices is not over yet. The Nasdaq, which includes 100 high-tech companies, could be down 20% from its high in November of the last year. In relation to the index current value, the fall could be 7%. Currently, there is a decrease in risk sentiment. Investors are waiting to see how the next Fed meeting will end. The US CB is expected to announce the first-rate hike at the March FOMC meeting and balance sheet cuts later this year. Jeremy Siegel believes that Jerome Powell is determined in connection with a record increase in inflation in the country. He will show a hawkish attitude during the upcoming meeting of the Open Market Committee. Jeremy Siegel does not exclude that in the first quarter, the growth of the US economy will slow down due to the spread of the omicron and changes in the Fed policy.


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