JPMorgan expects oil prices to rise to $150 per barrel

The American bank JPMorgan Chase experts do not control oil prices in February-March this year may reach $150 per barrel. According to the bank’s analysts, if this happens, the global economic growth in the first half of the year will sharply slow down to 0.9%, while, according to prognosis, economic recovery of 4.1% was expected. In this case, inflation will increase to 7.2%, while the prognosis of the bank’s experts previously assumed it at the level of 3%. That is, it will grow by more than a widow against the prediction indicator. Such a sharp rise in inflationary pressures will encourage central banks to tighten monetary policy more rapidly. The main reason for a possible significant increase in oil prices in JPMorgan is the exacerbation of the geopolitical situation caused by increased pressure between Ukraine and Russia. According to experts, demand for oil will begin to fall after its price exceeds $90 per barrel.


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