JPMorgan recommends to investors “buy failure” because of the pandemic

JPMorgan experts gave their recommendations to investors. They believe that the emergence of a new coronavirus strain Omicron is a harbinger of the pandemic end. Bank experts say the new strain is not as deadly as Delta was. After a while, it will displace the delta strain and we can talk about the pandemic end. Investors should use this situation to generate profits. Recently, market stocks threatened with the reason of the negative impact of Omicron strain on the pace of global economic recovery. But, as soon as the pandemic end is recognized, securities will begin to rise sharply in price. In order not to lose the benefits of the situation, you need to “buy failure”. Mentioned by JPMorgan experts. They expect stock markets to grow in 2022. At the same time, they prefer securities belonged to countries such as China and Russia, as well as Indonesia and Brazil. However, not all experts are so optimistic. The impact of Omicron strain on the world economy is still difficult to predict.


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