LG’s revenue increased by 20.7% in the 4Q

South Korean manufacturer of consumer electronics, LG Electronics, one of the major in the world, reported the results of the 4Q on a record sales and revenue capacity. According to preliminary data, LG’s October-December sales were above 20 trillion won for the first time in the history of the South Korean company. At the end of the reporting term, the revenue of 21 trillion won showed an annual increase of 20.7%. Compared to October-December of the previous year, its operating benefit decreased by 21%. Its volume was noted at the grade of 681.6 billion won. LG recorded high results for the entire past year. Its income was 74.7 trillion won. For twelve months, the indicator went up by 28.7%. At the same period, operating profit remained almost at the grade of 2020, amounting to 3.9 trillion won. It is reported that the activity specific results of all divisions of LG will be published later when the final report is released.


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