LME exchange suspended trading in nickel until Friday

The London Stock Exchange, which monitored trading in metals, announced that it was suspending trading in nickel. It will resume no earlier than Friday. The introduction of tough anti-Russian measures raises concerns about possible disruptions in the supply of commodities, including industrial metals. Against the backdrop of such sentiments, the cost of a tonne of nickel rose sharply at auction on Tuesday. The price of this explosion exceeded the $100,000 level. The London Stock Exchange announced that it intends to draw attention to some changes in the rules for trading in nickel. They develop only at the desired time operating in Europe. In addition, the range of price changes allowed during the trading day will be set. Recently, there has been increased volatility due to heightened geopolitical sensitivities. Reducing the risk due to the connection of the Russian Federation with the sanctions office of the West may approach the global crisis.


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