European stock markets finished trading in the red on Friday

There is a negative trend in the Western European stock markets. The main indices fell after the publication of statistics, as a result of trading last Friday. Eurostat reported a 5% increase in consumer prices in the Eurozone countries in December compared to the same month in 2020. This high inflation rate has not been seen in the region since March 2002. The interviewed experts had expected prices to rise by 4.7% last month. The volume of retail sales in November increased by 7.8% on an annualized basis against the forecast of its growth by 5.6%. The European Commission announced a decline in December in the index, which assesses the confidence of businesses and consumers, by 2.3 points to 115.3 points. Analysts predicted this indicator value of 116 points. The German statistical office reported a decrease in industrial production in November by 0.2% monthly. Experts had expected it to increase by 1%. Trading on Friday ended with the Stoxx Europe 600 falling 0.39%. The CAC 40 and DAX were down 0.4% and 0.65%, respectively.


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