Meta shares fell 22% after the financial data release

Some statistics of the report, published by Meta, turned out to be worse than the forecasting of the polled analysts. During additional trading, its shares fell almost 22% to $251.41. The company said that the amounts of active users increased in December by 4% compared to the value of the indicator a year ago to 2 billion 910 million people. Analysts expected growth to 2 billion, 950 million people. This indicator’s significant raise is hindered by competition. Meta’s plan for the 1st quarter also turned out to be worse than analysts’ expectations. The company suggests that quarterly revenue could increase to $27-29 billion. Analysts predict this figure will rise to $30 billion. Nevertheless, Meta’s financial consequences for the past year have shown the right dynamics. The amount of net profit and revenue received increased by 35% and 37% to $39.4 billion and $117.9 billion, respectively. Earnings per share rose $3.68 annually to $13.77.


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