Mitsubishi Motors finished 9 months of the past year with a gain

Mitsubishi Motors, one of the Japanese major automakers, reported that following the consequence of 9 months of the financial year, the size of its net profit is estimated at 44.7 billion yen or 387.6 million US dollars. In the corresponding period a year earlier, a net loss of 244 billion yen, or $2.1 million, was recorded. Per-share gain was 30.1 yen or 26 cents. According to the results of 3Q of the previous year, the loss per share reached the amount of 163.9 yen. The automaker’s 9-month revenue jumped 49% to 1.4 trillion yen, or $12.3 billion. Mitsubishi Motors have published a prognosis for the current financial year. It will end in March. Net income could reach 50 billion yen, which corresponds to 433 million dollars. Annual revenue will increase by more than 37%. The forecast for this indicator is 2 trillion yen or almost 17 billion dollars. The automaker is part of the Mitsubishi Corporation, which has assets in various spheres of the economy.


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