Nikkei Index closes lower due to first Omicron infection

The Japanese Nikkei drops on Friday 28,782.59, or 0.05%. The Topix index dropped to 1986.78 points or 0.13%. At the same time, over the prior four days of this week, these indicators increased by 0.83% and 0.12%, respectively. The fall of the Nikkei and Topix occurred after the news on the enrollment in Japan of the first case of infection with the omicron coronavirus strain appeared. Under the impact of this news, investors began to sell securities, which showed growth during the restoration of the Japanese economy. Airline stocks fell 0.59%. Railway stocks also declined in rate. They fell 0.99%. Nevertheless, the attitude towards the omicron in the globe has changed slightly. Doctors from disparate countries said that the level of his danger is exaggerated. As practice shows, people who have fallen ill with a new strain are treated at home. Omicron does not require the patients’ hospitalization. In this regard, the influence on the worldwide economy of this coronavirus strain may not be as significant as previously thought.


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