Russian industrial production grew in November by 7%

A public statistic published in Russia indicates the country’s industrial production increased in November by 7% in relation to the index for the identical month in 2020. Analysts assumed that Russian Federation industrial production shows an increase of 5%. On a monthly basis, its amount increased by 0.5%. The Statistical Office also informed that in the first 11 months of the current year, Russian productivity showed an increase of 5.2% on an annualized basis. The industrial production full amount at enterprises related to the raw material sphere of the economy increased by 4.3%. In the manufacturing and energy sphere, growth is estimated at 5.2% and 7.4%, respectively. According to the consequence of the previous month, the highest growth activity was recorded in computer equipment production, as well as at enterprises providing services. It exceeded 30%. A drop in the quantity of production was observed in the extraction of nonmetallic minerals. The indicator also decreased at the enterprises producing cars and metal products.


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