Nvidia Quarterly Revenue Hits Record High

U.S. GPU developer Nvidia ended the 4Q with a record revenue of $7.64 billion, beating market expectations of $7.42 billion. Net income was recorded at about $3 billion, up from $2.46 billion a year previously. During the quarter, the company sold video processors for cryptocurrency mining for $24 million. At the equal term, for the fiscal year to January 30, such sales volume amounted to 550 million dollars. The gaming business in the fourth quarter brought in revenue of $3.42 billion, up 37% in twelve months and marking an all-time high. Nvidia expects that its revenue after the current quarter will be above the prognosis of economists on the back of data centers’ strong demand. This figure may reach approximately $8.1 billion, while analysts expect it to reach $7.29 billion. In the last quarter, this indicator grew by 71% to a record high of $3.16 billion.


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