OECD unemployment fell to 5.4% in December

Over the past eight months, in the states that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, there has been a reduction in unemployment. In the final month of last year, it was fixed at 5.4% against the November value of 5.5%. However, this indicator was still 0.1 percentage points superior to the February 2020 value. The unemployed outright number of the last month of the year amounted to 36.1 million people, which is 700 thousand less than the previous month and 500 thousand more than February 2020. Unemployment among women stood at 5.6%, down from 5.7% in November. The indicator for the male part of the population in OECD countries was recorded at 5.2%, down from 5.3% a month earlier. Youth unemployment was 11.5%, down from 11.8%. The decline from 7.1% to 7% was noted in the euro area. Unemployment in Canada fell to 6% from 6.1%. The US index fell to 3.9% from 4.2%.


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