China increased oil and gas production in 11 months

According to the China statistics department, for 11 months of the current year, the volume of oil production in the country increased by 2.5% in relation to the corresponding period of 2020. It amounted to 182,5 million tons. The processing volume of this raw material increased by 4.9% to 644,8 million tons. During the reporting period, China purchased 466,8 million tons of oil from other countries, which is 7.3% less than imports in January-November of the previous year. The volume of gas production in China increased over 11 months by 8.9% on an annualized basis to 186 billion m3. The volume of its imports reached 109.8 million tons, which is 21.8% more than in the 11 months of last year. The China Statistical Office also released data for November. Last month, the country’s oil production increased compared to a year ago by 2.7% to 16.3 million tons. On average, 544 tons of the current raw material were mined per day. The November oil refining volume increased by 2.2% to 59.6 million tons. Gas production increased in November by 4.4% to 17.7 billion m3.


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