Oil price rises after price decline the day before

At 08:18 Moscow time, a barrel of Brent oil was trading at $112.59, up 1.93% from the closing price on Thursday. A barrel of WTI oil rose to $110.14, or 2.29%. The day before, both oil brands fell in price by 2.2% and 2.7%, respectively. This was facilitated by news from Iran. As it became known, negotiations with the United States are already close to completion. Iran is preparing to start export deliveries of its oil. If the agreement is signed, then in the next six months, supplies to the world oil market may increase by at least one million barrels per day. Experts believe that the return of Iranian oil to the market will significantly reduce concerns about disruptions in the supply of Russian oil. Investors are waiting for information on the number of active drilling platforms in the United States. Baker Hughes will publish them on Friday evening. As a result of the previous week, the indicator rose by two units to 522 units.


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