Oil prices show slight growth

Oil rises in cost after falling the day before. By 08:03 Moscow time, the Brent oil barrel cost rose by 43 cents or 0.5% to $86.70. The cost of WTI crude barrel rose 30 cents, or 0.36%, to $83.61. On Monday, Brent Crude fell by $1.62, or 1.8%. The price of WTI crude fell from $1.83 to $83.31. Since the beginning of this year, raw materials have grown in price by almost 10%. Investors are waiting for the publication of statistics on oil and petroleum product stock changes in the USA. It will be published by the API and the US Energy Department. Analysts are predicting a rise in national inventories, as demand for fuel in the United States has been declining lately. Investors are also waiting for the results of the next OPEC+ assembly. It will take place next week. Oil market experts believe that shortly the oil will rise in price due to Eastern Europe growing tensions.


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