Oil rises in price data from the US Energy Department

On Thursday morning, oil quotes are showing steady growth. By 7:58 Moscow time, the cost of a barrel of Brent Crude rose to $74 42 cents or 0.72%. The price of a barrel of WTI oil rose even more significantly. This oil benchmark rose to $71 56 cents or 0.97%. The previous evening, the data of the American Energy Ministry was published on the oil reserve dynamics. Over the past week, they fell by 4 million, 600 thousand barrels. Analysts deem that raw materials stocks in the United States will be reduced by only 2 million, 100 thousand barrels. A abatement in the reserve’s volume of this raw material in the country has been observed for three weeks in a row. At the same time, analysts deem that a more significant boost in oil prices will be hampered by fears associated with an increase in the number of ailment with a new coronavirus strain. As it became known, in some countries restrictions on movement have already been introduced due to the omicron speedy range.


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