Oil prices show weak growth

There is a slight increase in quotations on the oil market. By 08:06 Moscow time, a Brent oil barrel rose to $91.56, which is 0.01% superior to the price at the end of trading the day before. A WTI oil barrel traded at $89.71. Its value increased by 0.06%. Investors are evaluating information from the US Energy Department about changes in the oil reserve capacity in the country. According to the results of the week, it decreased by 4 million 800 thousand barrels. Analysts predicted an increase in raw material reserves in the country by 400,000 barrels. The ministry said in a statement that the decline in oil reserves was mainly due to a decrease in net imports. Data on gasoline inventories also came as an astound to analysts. They decreased by 1,600,000 barrels, while the growth plan was 1,600,000 barrels. Now investors are waiting for the publication of the OPEC report. His data may have an impact on the dynamics of oil prices.


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