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IMF named problems related to cryptocurrencies

The IMF sees serious issues in the application of cryptocurrencies. The Foundation named the concerns […]

German business is optimistic about the outlook for 2022

The Institute, which study the German economy, conducted research. Its results demonstrate that the country’s […]

Lebanon: economic needs 6-7 years to get out of the crisis

Lebanon will be able to beat the deep crisis in the economy and finance sphere […]

Japan will develop a quantum computer with no cooling by 2030

A team of Japanese developers in the field of providing computer technologies plan to invent […]

Chinese investors refuse to invest in real estate

The Financial Times writes that Chinese investors have revised their priority. They used to vigorously […]

Boeing and Airbus demand to postpone the launch of 5G networks

The heads of the world’s largest airlines Boeing and Airbus sent a letter to the […]

Analysts predict 2022 to be successful for Wall Street

Analysts analyzed whether the rapid increase in income of large American banks, which has been […]

The world’s leading banks published the gold forecasts in 2022

The prognosis for the dynamics of the gold rate in 2022, published by extensive financial […]

Alibaba aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

Chinese giant Alibaba has developed a program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero. According […]

Emerging market stocks declined again

The decline in emerging markets stocks continued on December 30. The main reason for the […]

The bitcoin share in the cryptocurrency market dropped below 40%

Bitcoin is losing ground in the cryptocurrency market more and more, while altcoins are showing […]

Gas price in Europe dropped below $1,100

The price of 1000 m3 of gas on the European market has been declining for […]