Traders News

Berkshire shares up 1.3%

For the first time in history, Class A shares of the corporation Berkshire Hathaway, controlled […]

The Central Bank of Brazil raised the rate by 1 percentage point

Brazil held a regular meeting of the Central Bank. Its participants assessed the situation in […]

Australia records record low unemployment

Data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show an improvement in the situation in […]

The Fed decided to raise the rate by 25 bp.

The results of the regular FOMC meeting did not come as a surprise to the […]

Elon Musk said how to keep savings safer

American entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk tweeted about the most profitable and safe way to […]

Eli Lilly stops supplying medicines to Russia

The American drug manufacturer Eli Lilly has announced that it will stop supplying medicines to […]

Japan’s exports grew by more than 19% in February

The Ministry of Finance of Japan announced an increase in export deliveries in February to […]

Oil rises in price after falling prices the day before

On Tuesday, there was a significant decline in oil quotes amid growing fears about a […]

The IMF expects a deep recession in the European economy

The IMF review notes that the events around Ukraine and the sanctions imposed against the […]

Tesla electric cars in the US have increased in price

Rising production costs have driven up the price of electric vehicles made by Tesla in […]

Index of investor confidence in German economy fell sharply in March

The Zew Institute reported a sharp drop in investor and analyst confidence in the German […]

Morgan Stanley revised its forecast for China’s GDP growth

Bank Morgan Stanley has revised its previously published forecast for the Chinese economy to the […]