Poland will completely stop buying Russian gas from 2023

In December of this year, the contract for the purchase of Russian gas by Poland through the Yamal gas pipeline will be completed. This month will be the last for gas imports from the Russian Federation, which occupied a significant share in Poland’s imports. Polish state oil and gas company PGNiG has the ability to replace Russian gas, given the contracts it has already signed, the Polish government said. To do this, the necessary infrastructure is being created in the country, including gas communication with Lithuania and Slovakia. In October, the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will be put into operation, and an LNG terminal will be built to store the gas coming through it. The Polish government estimates that the new contracts do not involve very high gas prices. If buyers in Europe find an alternative to gas supplies from the RF, then expect stabilization of prices for it in European countries. Polish experts believe that the globalization of the gas market will contribute to this.


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