New Zealand Central Bank may increase the rate by 50 bp if necessary

The Central Bank of New Zealand representative said that the country has very little trade and economic ties with Russia and Ukraine. For this reason, the bank does not expect any severe consequences for the New Zealand economy due to the crisis between these countries. He noted that currently, the main problem is high inflation. The RBNZ intends to take all available measures to slow down the pace of consumer price growth. The regulator representative said that a decision could be made at the next meeting to raise the rate by 50 basis points. But for this, there must be appropriate conditions. He stressed that 100 basis points above the neutral level of the rate would be a reasonable decision. The RBNZ intends to pursue a containment policy shortly. ANZ Bank experts recommended that investors follow the results of the Central Bank of Australia meeting, which will be held on March 1. The national currency has a close relationship with the Australian dollar.


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