Consequences of the EU’s refusal from RF energy carriers

Most experts interviewed by Izvestia believe that the refusal of oil and gas in Europe is mainly due to the atmosphere leading up to the collapse of the European Union. Gas prices are already approaching $4,000 per 1,000 m3. But even a stable price of $3,500 could stop that part of the European industry that runs on gas. It includes the metallurgical industry, as well as the production of fertilizers, chemical products and fertilizers. The damage will occur at the European power plant. Impulses switch to coal. Experts are confident that with such an increase in the event, a recession will begin in Europe, which will cause a crisis in the global economy. Some countries of the European Union are already actively speaking out about the negative developments. So, for example, the head of the Bulgarian parliament, Kiril Petkov, said that if the EU decides to refuse to import energy from Russia, then Bulgaria will leave the European Union.


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